Room Description

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ |  6 Player Maximum

A corrupt sheriff has wrongly imprisoned some of your friends. You sneak into his office and unwittingly lock yourselves in as well! Find a way to break out your friends and then escape before the sheriff returns to catch you all!

Note: If you do not fill the room, other players may book in with you. Please use the “private room” tab to fill the remaining slots at 1/2 price to ensure your party will be the only players in your room. 

October Scenario

Fridays & Saturdays after 8PM

Last Meal: Driving in the remote countryside, you and your friends are pulled over by the sheriff. Something isn’t quite right about him… Without cause, he arrests members of your party and disappears into the night. You follow him to his dilapidated jail, where you discover your friends in a private cell. They’re not waiting to be sentenced, they’re waiting to be devoured… Get out before everyone becomes dinner.


  • Children (5 & under) –$18
  • Youth (6-11) – $21
  • Regular Players – $25
  • Civil Service (ID Required) – $12.50

Out Of Time Escape is located at 16325 Northcross Drive, Suite B, Huntersville, NC 28078. We are conveniently located in the Birkdale Business park I-77 exit 25. It is Entrance 3 right across from the outback Steakhouse on the right. There is plenty of parking. Please take traffic into consideration and arrive a few minutes early to avoid any delays.

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